3 Sites That Will Help You Find Remote Jobs Today!

As someone new to the remote world, I didn’t enter remote work the typical and usual route. I didn’t go through the application process, interview, offer that most individuals go through when applying to remote jobs. Instead, I was lucky enough to begin working in-office and then later transition out to a remote role within the same company.

Before I pitched to my company to be able to work remote, I did tons of research. I read dozens of articles on the pros, cons of working remotely and also what’s expected of remote workers. I got a lot of knowledge by going on job boards and understanding how employers seek remote employers for their company. Some companies that I came across were fully remote and their remote workers received quite a few benefits and perks. In that research period, I found quite a few job sites that really hit the nail on posting openings for remote seeking people. These are sites I recommend to friends, family and acquaintances when they’re on the job hunt. Because of these sites I landed 2 side internships/part-time roles that I dedicated time to after work. There’s lots of opportunity on these sites as long as you make yourself stand out.

We Work Remotely

Literally my favorite site! Hands down. I occasionally surf the site to see what new job titles are coming up in the remote world. Known companies like InVision, Github, Bascamp, Automattic and many more advertise their openings. What I kind of enjoy is that some employers ask you to email them directly if you’re applying using We Work Remotely and I really find that great, giving it a personal feel instead of submitting an application through a form.

Visit http://weworkremotely.com


This site splits up the categories of each type of job pretty well. Breaking it down between Developer, QA, Designer, Accounting and Customer Service roles, which gives room for many possible opportunities for you to apply and get an interview. This is also a good space to find part-time roles if you aren’t looking for a full-time commitment!

Visit https://remote.co/


Love what these ladies are doing at PowerToFly! They list local and remote jobs aimed to allow more women to apply and get into a tech company. I’m all for encouraging and helping out more women and minority groups access tech roles, we’re definitely lacking it and that has to change.

Visit https://powertofly.com/jobs/

Take a look at these sites! Would love to hear if you found these useful, let’s talk on Twitter @elevatd_co